The End of The Fxxxing World – Review

Every once in a while (amongst the big budget, heavily promoted, big name shows and movies) Netflix likes to slip in a hidden gem of a tv show. They did it with the likes of “The Santa-Clarita Diet” (which is brilliant, by the way), and “Making a Murderer” (which we all know blew up into one of the biggest success stories for the service).

They recently uploaded a Netflix original series called “The End of The Fxxxing World”. I saw the trailer for this pop up on my Youtube subscription list (if you’re not already, subscribe to the Netflix youtube channel, for the latest trailers). It looked interesting. It was British, quirky, with protagonists that seemed intriguing.
It centres around James, a high-school student who suspects he may be a psychopath. because of this, he’s decided he’s going to kill someone. One day, he meets Alyssa, a rude, independent teenager who is fed up with their life. They decide to run away together. Have a look at the trailer below (Warning: heavy language and adult themes. NSFW)

This series of eight 20 minute episodes follows James and Alyssa as they travel across Britain in James’ dad’s car (which he steals in the first episode). On their travels they encounter overbearing gas-station attendant and her down-trodden son, a dog-fighting trainer, and a serial sex-pest. Each character in this series, no matter how small their role, feels so realistic and almost worthy of their own spin-off series (almost). Despite their actions, and that they should be the most unlikable characters in recent memory; you actually find yourself rooting for James and Alyssa as the series goes on.

I also have to mention the soundtrack to this show. I could happily listen to a playlist of the music from the show for hours on end. It expertly blends everything from American Country, 60s pop, doo-wop, and even french love songs. Its simply beautiful, and the way that the music builds and cuts in the episodes is simply genius.

So there you have it, if you’re stuck for something to watch while the tennis takes over Free-To-Air television (the Australian Open is this week), definitely give this a try.

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January 11, 2018
January 24, 2018