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One of my favourite things I like to do to pass the time is listen to Podcasts. Be it driving, walking, or just to have on in the background while I write blog posts like this, Podcasts are a great way to learn or just be entertained. I’ve listed 3 of my favourites from this year below.

Hamish and Andy
Hamish and Andy are two radio presenters that hosted a weekday drive home show, where basically anything goes. They’ve been working together on radio for 12+ years, and are best friends, so they have a fantastic rapport and bounce of each other brilliantly. Multiple times this year, they’ve had me in tears from laughing so hard. Some highlights from this year include: testing how far you can drive a car on absolute empty; Hamish launching a special cologne on Andys behalf; and an attempt from the boys to “Eat the Board” (ie, eat everything thats on the standard menu at McDonalds). While this was their last year doing radio, they are planning on coming back this year with a stand-alone podcast.
Get their podcast and have a look at extras by clicking the image below.

image sourced from hamishandandy.com

No Such Thing As A Fish
This educational podcast is made and hosted by the guys who research and write for the hit show QI on BBC. Each week, the four hosts bring to the table their favourite facts from the week. Hilariously funny, and brilliantly insightful, episodes will often go off on multiple different tangents. You are guaranteed to learn something new. 2017 was a brilliant year for them, with multiple live shows, a television series based on the podcast, and even a bestselling book looking back at the ‘Weirder Side of 2017’. Check out their podcast and more from them by clicking the image below.

image sourced from qi.com

True Crime Sisters
This podcast, started this year by two sisters from Melbourne who are (in their own words) ‘fascinated with true crime’, each episode looks at the details surrounding many True Crimes that have happened in Australia and New Zealand, both high and low profile. One of the sisters has studied psychology, so you get an interesting look into the minds of perpetrator and victim alike. I’ve linked to their facebook in the image below where you can find out more and even consider becoming a Patreon supporter.

image sourced from true crime sisters official facebook page.

There we go. 3 Podcasts I enjoyed immensely over the last year. Does anyone have any recommendations for any more? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Listening, be kind


January 11, 2018


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    The Autism Dada (Sean)

    January 13, 2018

    I’ve really just got back into Podcasts again. I used to listen to them quite a bit some time ago but stopped. Recently I got back into them again and are loving some. I will have to check out these above too now – see if something of interest to me.